How to use Shop-the-look Bundles strategy?

March 17, 2023


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Why do your customers want to shop-the-look?

Make a search query and make sure that in most cases the advantages of the shop-the-look are concentrated on the seller's side. Although in fact shop-the-look is a tool that dramatically simplifies the life of customers. It exists for them.
Customers are not willing to spend hours on your site trying to make their way through collections and filters. In their search they are either inspired by social posts and ads they've seen or trying to build the perfect outfit from products you propose. 

That is why customers would want to see shop-the-look bundles in your store. 

  • It saves shoppers time and prevents frustration from filters navigation, which could be poor or absent.
  • It helps shoppers to see products "in action" as a ready-made outfit.
  • It makes it easy for customers to add a whole look (multiple items) to their cart in a single click.

What are the shop-the-look bundles benefits for merchants?

As you see, if there are obstacles on shoppers' way, it will be a lost opportunity for business. Therefore shop-the-look is a good method to improve customers' experience by demonstrating an overall look or style that shoppers search for.
Beside the care of UX and showcasing products, shop-the-look is a bundle discount offer nevertheless. It is an upselling tool called to point out the key products and incline customers to purchase all or most of the offered products.

If done right, it leads to:

  • AOV increase (It is quite obvious if there are multiple products in the order, i.e. when selling goods in bundles, typically it leads to a higher transaction amount, which is an efficient way to boost revenue);
  • CR increase (As far as shop-the-look bundles offers faster and more relevant search experience, more options and more value for most, the conversion rate is improving);
  • Brand uplift (It goes two ways. Firstly, the more products you have out there, the higher brand awareness. Secondly, it builds brand trust and gives customers better understanding of what you’re selling and how to use your products)

What do shop-the-look bundles look like?

Before we show shop-the-look examples let's emphasize that it is not only a fashion industry addressed tool. It is used by home products, decor and beauty stores at least. And can be used elsewhere. Let's head to the examples from MBC Bundles App users.

How to make a shop-the-look bundle with MBC Bundle App?

If you have a creative approach, you can implement a shop-the-look approach with the MBC Bundles App using a variety of patterns. It all depends on what discount scheme you are willing to provide and how much optionality you want to provide for your customers.

We will not show you all the options, because it will be too big for a single blog. And let's take into consideration only two opposite options:

  1. On the one side a simple bundle with its own product page. What benefits does it provide and what are the limitations?
  • Among the advantages we specify bundle’s own product page. This allows you to make special content, for example, photos not of individual products, but of the entire set of items. Post a unique description, video, etc. To do something that cannot be fully implemented on the pages of each individual product from the bundle. At the same time, this creates additional opportunities for promoting the bundle. Such a bundle will not only attract sales, but will be more prominently used to achieve brand awareness goals.
  • The second indisputable advantage is the price flexibility of such a bundle. In such a template, all possible options for providing a discount will be available. This is a discount as a percentage of the price, and in the form of a fixed amount of money. The discount can be the same for all products in the bundle or completely individual for each product. Or you can set the promotional price of the kit without indicating discounts for each individual product.
    Thanks to this approach, on the one hand, you can create a truly valuable offer for customers, and on the other hand, take into account the impact of discounts on your profitability, which can be very sensitive in product categories with low margins.
  • It should be noted that in this template the products in the bundle will be strictly fixed. The buyer will not be able to change the composition of the bundle. This is a certain limitation of this pattern. However, of course there will be options available such as colors and sizes for apparel and footwear, or other options for other industries. For example, a color or style in decor, a shade or fragrance for cosmetics.
  1. And with that said, we come to the opposite approach. This is a mix and match widget. Why is it actually the opposite?
  • First, because what is a limitation in the alternative pattern becomes an advantage here. The bundle can be made very flexible and customizable by the buyer. The buyer will be able to choose which products he wants to include in the bundle and which does not. Products are not fixed, moreover, you can add products from different collections. For example, not only matching items of clothing to each other, but also matching shoes to clothes or a bag to shoes, etc. And the availability of color and size options does not disappear.
  • However, such a flexible template is no longer possible to execute as a separate product page. There are too many variables and no anchor positions to provide the basis for a product page. Thus, the template is implemented purely as a widget on multiple product pages. As a result, such a bundle is difficult to purposefully promote. Individual products that are included in the bundle are promoted. Thus, this template serves less of a branding purpose and is more involved in regular product promotion.
  • And the most significant limitation here is the presence of only one type of discount. This is a simple percentage discount that is calculated from the total cost of the bundle. Opportunities to take into account the individual characteristics of the pricing of individual goods or categories of goods are strictly limited. This means that setting discounts in such bundles must be approached with caution, so as not to lose the profitability of sales.

As you can see, the approaches are indeed opposite. The advantages of one are the limitations of the other. However, some intermediate templates can be used. As has already been said. This will allow you to choose exactly the template that matches the goals of your business.

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