How matching product bundles can affect AOV and brand awareness?

January 24, 2024

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This is the story of how a “lockdown baby” has grown into one of the UK's leading CrossFit brands for women told by Alex, the Co-Founder of VOXY Official

Short brand story and future plans

The story started in April 2020, at the time of the first lockdown in the UK. Alex and his partner Steph came up with the idea of the brand that focuses on fun, engaging, lighthearted fitness wear with high-performance capabilities. It was a response to the faded and depressing atmosphere of the lockdown. 

“Everything was bright, beautiful, fun, and engaging in Thailand. it was dark, depressing, and just a bit sad when we returned to the UK and went to the gym in January compared to what we were experiencing in Thailand.”

Over the last two years, Voxy has grown quite a lot into one of the UK's leading CrossFit brands for women.

The biggest plan for the immediate future is to bring more women into the brand. To achieve this goal, steps will be taken in two directions. The first is to expand the product range

“We sell short shorts, and you got to be quite brave to wear them, so we want to focus on bringing out a range of more inclusive products that a wider range of women would be comfortable wearing. So, more leggings, longer shorts, more modest tops, and so on. So that's our immediate plan - expanding our product range to bring more women into the brand.”

And also, Voxy plans to expand internationally. About 70% of sales are for the UK at the moment. And the plan is to increase the share of sales in the markets of Europe, Australia, and North America as well.

Product bundling and metrics for its success

There are two main approaches to composing bundles.
First is to combine matching products of the same design into bundles, such as tops with bottoms, shorts with socks, etc.. This approach is very similar to shop-the-look.

The other one is a bulk buy discount. It's like “buy three and get a reduced price”. And that's actually been the best bundle Voxy has made. Because they have so many designs that people often want to buy more than one.

"The bundling really helps people get more designs for a lower price, and obviously, it still remains profitable for us and increases the AOV significantly. So that's been really good."

Results brought by MBC Bundles app

Typically, to understand whether the bundles are successful or not, you should compare orders for those bundles to the number of orders or the products they relate to. So if you are bundling a top and bottom set, you will check how many orders you have for that bundle compared to how many orders you have for just the bottoms. And you will be able to analyze whether or not the discount is attractive enough or the bundles attractive enough.

“Regarding the bundling strategies - for some bundles, we will increase the discount more heavily if it's stock that we're looking to get rid of. And then the other strategy is to increase the AOV.”

We have spoken about increasing AOV, which is the main result of working with bundles. However, Voxy team note another aspect that is usually left unattended. Brand awareness. Bundle sales gets more of your products into your customers' hands, obviously, in terms of brand awareness the more products you have out there, the better.

“Yeah, we are definitely happy with how MBC Bundles App works. We are happy, our customers are happy that they can pick up matching products or use bulk discounts.”

As for metrics, there were noticeable 10% immediate uplift on the overall store AOV.

There were generated about £50,000 of sales via the MBC Bundles app in 2022. That is obviously a positive result.

“Everyone's a winner from it. As a brand, you're getting a higher AOV, and as a customer, you are getting more products for a better price. So for us, it's a complete no-brainer.”

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