8 Best Shopify eCommerce Themes for 2023

January 11, 2023


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Still picking a theme for your eCommerce project? Our review of the best 2023. Check out our list of the best 2022-2023 Shopify themes for eCommerce.

Criteria for the best Shopify eCommerce themes

A theme is a template that defines the look of your online store. Each template has its individual style, concept and ready-made elements that are an integral part of the store. These elements differ according to specific criteria. Shopify templates are divided into two types: certified and third-party templates. The first ones are officially approved by the developers of the platform, while the second ones are offered in stores without the developers’ approval.

Picking the right theme for your online store determines its future, or rather the state of sales. If you sell clothes, you need to choose a template with the filtering option. This includes the choice of color, the size range, the size of a particular part of the product in centimeters. The grid at every theme is usually the same, but the parameters may vary, depending on the country of origin. For example, we compared the discrepancies in dimensions for M size. The tables show that the women's jackets take a little less fabric in China. (About 3-5 cm.)  Moreover, sometimes these three centimeters may be of considerable importance.

the discrepancies in the size chart in Shopify themes

For the customers who buy clothes online, it is essential, and such filtering will encourage them to purchase. If you pick a theme with minimal filtering (color or size), you will not be able to provide them with such details. In turn, they will hesitate and leave your page. To avoid it, you need to pick a theme with advanced options.

Certified eCommerce Shopify Templates

In the official store, you can download ten free themes, but we do not recommend using them. They do not have the functionality needed for the effective operation of a modern store. We mean an Instagram news feed, galleries, subscriptions, pop-ups, and a convenient filter of products. That is, when choosing a free theme, you exclude items from your store that could increase sales efficiency. You can download over 67+ paid certified templates in your Shopify store. The price depends on the functionality and can vary from $ 160 to $ 180.

In the official store, more than half of the themes are designed for a line with a small number of goods (from 1 to 20). Only using the functionality of 30% of templates you can comfortably work with catalogs, the number of which exceeds 100 products. Perhaps this is because Shopify is positioning itself as a platform for small and medium businesses. You can use Shopify to sell T-shirts, watches, and spices, but not smartphones, with a total of 2000-3000 items.

Third Party Templates

Third-party templates are unofficial themes that are not approved by Shopify experts. They are in the public domain on the EnvatoMarket platform. As they are not certified, they are cheaper than in the official Shopify store.

However, why is it inconvenient for the developers to confirm their template with Shopify? Before the author's theme gets to the official store, it must be sent to Shopify for review. It will be checked for compliance with the corporate rules of development and design of the platform. So there are no guarantees that it will be approved. For this reason, the developers prefer to make templates according to their standards. Visually, they look more interesting, the design is brighter, and the sections have a range of settings. They have many ready-made functionals: Instagram feed, ready-made unique collection filters, effects, animations, etc.

How to pick the best Shopify eCommerce theme for your store?

Since you have picked the type of template, you need to figure out what it should be and what information it should contain. Our team offers you several practical tips.

1. Order marketing research

You should be aware of the peculiarities of your field as well as the target audience and the list of competitors. Basing on this data, you can get recommendations on how to determine the structure of your online store and how to create a unique store.

You might find this item controversial and say: "Why should I pay someone? I get the specifics of my field better than the others". Indeed, you are right. However, there is a chance that you do not comprehend the market as a whole. Alternatively, you may have both data and a concept, however, it is not clear to you how to work with them. The analysis is half the story, the second component of marketing research is the ability to collect data and make a conclusion based on it.

The trends, design solutions from color to specific CTA blocks, field analytics, and target audience require analysis. Only on this basis, the recommendations on the beneficial structure of your site can be made. Without this data, you will move on by trial and error. So eventually, it will lead to the loss of conversions and profits.

2. Pay attention to the design of your template

After you have made a marketing research analysis, you can proceed to pick of the visual form of the template. Keep in mind that every business has its own unspoken design rules. For example, the sale of watches requires rigor, a sense of reliability, and classic color combinations such as gold, white, black. Advertising fashion-products for young people needs a creative design, with a non-standard arrangement of blocks, bright colors and an informal presentation of content.

If you work with fashion-products in a more formal direction (classic dresses, costumes) you need to use a light, formal and artsy style. For such a theme the design with a predominance of white color and a combination of fonts would be perfect. Sports goods require some dynamics. This effect can be achieved through the use of oblique lines, sections with extensions, bright colors in combination with themed graphics content. For example, Instafeed with photos of fitness models would be great.

We should also take into account the number of goods on the page. If you download hundreds of different products, you will need a theme with a functional Collection page. If you have only one product, then we recommend that you choose a landing page with the division into sections. Thus, you can tell more about your product.

3. Pay attention to the functionality

Have you picked the visual concept of your template? Now check how it works.

To get your store working effectively, you should find out whether your template contains the following:

  • the filters on the Collection page;
  • convenient adding of goods to cart;
  • a suitable type of menu;
  • the ability to quickly view and purchase
  • basic SEO optimization;
  • Instafeed and Fancybox on the product page.

There are many questions, but it is essential to answer all of them to make your page not only attractive but also selling.

4. Browse the most popular Shopify themes on your cell phone and other gadgets

Have you chosen the design and functionality? Now check how your online store page looks on your mobile device. Everyone says, and we will repeat that more than half of the traffic that an online store receives comes from mobile devices. Do not waste time studying this issue, here are the statistics.

The version that you see on the computer will not always look like that on the other devices. If there are errors in the template code, you will have to pay additional developers to fix them. Unless you get them fixed on time, you will lose your customers.

We want to give you an example from our personal experience. The author of this review went to the airline's website before the flight to complete the online registration. Everything was fine until the moment when I had to fill in the country of residence. It was a drop-down list on the pop-up window at the very bottom of the page. When opening, it was just cropped, and it was impossible to choose a country. As a result, I failed the online registration. I had to run to the nearest printing service center to fill out this online registration on the local laptop. The ill-fated pop-up worked fine there.

Naturally, this mistake caused a negative experience. So the case mentioned above is not uniform. The airline has lost a potentially satisfied customer. If the online registration had not worked out on a laptop, I would have paid about extra $ 50 for the services of an airport expert. Do not make such mistakes.

5. Show the template to a web developer to rate the quality of the source code writing

If you plan to expand the theme, then a well-structured code will work in your favor, and a bad one will increase the cost of further eliminations of errors. Do not haste to launch the store if you are not sure about the quality of its work. Now you have a complete list of what steps you should take to choose a suitable template for your online store. Analyze this data and proceed to the choice of your theme from the whole range available.

Top 8 of the best Shopify templates 2022-2023

We described our ideas on how the perfect and best converting Shopify theme should look like. Check out our list of the best 2022-2023 Shopify themes for eCommerce. You will surely find something that is suitable for you.

Gecko 6.0 - responsive Shopify Theme

Price: 99$

The Gecko template has fifteen variants of the main page, and eight variants of the product page. On the pages, there is a convenient location of the product line, filtering, and prices, as well as a stock counter and a gallery of images. In the functional, you can attach videos, and Instagram news feeds, switch currencies, add endless scrolling of goods, fast browsing, and stickers with different types of discounts. The theme is scaled at various devices, so you don’t need to hire the developers to do that. It is perfect for selling clothes or shoes.

eDigit - sectioned Multipurpose Shopify Theme

Price: 38$

This is a theme for a store with a lot of goods, such as an electronics store. In the working field, you can choose three options for the main page and view several gallery layouts and portfolios. The product listing page is in full width to display as many products as possible. There is a simple cart, quick view, stock labels, product rating. The theme design is minimalistic which is typical for a hardware store.

Shopify  - Outstock  Clean, Minimal , Drag & Drop

Price: 79$

We used the Outstock template for several projects. The interface has seven options for the main page, four options for headers, a blog, a convenient product slider, popup subscriptions, newsletters, and a convenient mega-menu. A functional filter and sorting are fixed on the product list page. The theme is perfectly optimized for different devices. The color scheme of the theme is rather stylish - a combination of gray, black, white and gold shades.

Banita - Shopify Theme - Shopify premium theme

Price: ‎79$

It is a bright, creative theme for the store of fashion-goods. There are ten variants of the main page. In the header, there are currency switches and wishlist. In the list of goods, there is a quick view as well as the labels and, stock counters. On the product page, there is an exciting functionality - you can design it as a T-shirt designer page, with a choice of image, color, and lettering. The theme allows you to distribute products by color, size and other parameters that may be of interest to the users.

Unero - Clean & Minimal Shopify Sections Theme

Price: 56$

Unero is one of the best Shopify themes for eCommerce that is suitable for selling branded clothing, furniture, and jewelry. A minimalistic theme that has ten options for the main page. There is a quick view, discount labels, mini cart, Instafeed, subscription popup. On the product listing page, there is a convenient horizontal filter and sorting. You can choose both a tiled and full-width view.

Oreo - minimal clean Shopify theme

Price: 59$

The peculiarity of the Oreo theme is creative and convenient layouts as well as modern design with bright and beautiful images that highlight the features of the products.

The template has eighteen variations of the main page, eight options for the product map, an interesting template, mega-menu, switching between currencies and languages. As for the general functionality, there is a wishlist, a quick view, stickers of discounts with timers. This theme perfect for you if you sell accessories, furniture, kitchen goods, household goods, gifts, etc.

Oars - 7 Fastest UI/UX Optimized Shopify OS 2.0 Themes for Organic Food Stores

Price: 49$

Oars is a fresh, vibrant theme for a nutrition store. There are seven types of the home page available. The functionality includes currency switches, mega-menu, a non-standard layout of the product list page, wishlist. Regarding design, the theme is stylish, not overloaded with color and content. Also, the presence of animations demonstrates the creativity of the template.

Manor - Clean, Minimal , Drag & Drop

Price: 56$

Manor is a theme created in a minimalistic style. You can choose 25 themes for the main page, six variants for collections, seven variants for the product page. The general functionality includes a mega-menu, currency switching, an Instagram feed as well as a good set of sections. The template goes with the stores of fashion-goods, furniture, and clothes.


Before picking the best Shopify theme for your store, you should determine the peculiarity of your product. Ask yourself the following question: what your client should know about the product. Is it enough for him to see the size of the product or its color? Full and accurate information about the product will convince your customer to make a purchase. Then choose a theme with additional functions that can speed up the work of your store and increase its efficiency.

If you have chosen a theme for your project, but you do not know how to install it, contact our experts from MakeBeCool.

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