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December 3, 2022


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Hello, dear guest! Today we will talk about how to sell beverage on Facebook. Here is a list of 5 online stores successfully selling beverages on Facebook. Below, you can find more about the secrets of content strategy as well as strong brand development. This information may be of use to you.

1. New Age Beverages

The New Age Beverages team creates natural drinks that contribute a lot to everyone’s healthy lifestyle. The company is focused on people who maintain healthy lifestyles, that’s why on its page on Facebook you will find the articles on healthy nutrition. All of the photographs of the beverages are taken in very beautiful places of the planet, and their captions can vary from a survey of customer’s preferences to the quotes about life. The same style of the brand prevails.

Note: a company page is a good example of a detailed target audience. Most people who support a healthy lifestyle like traveling and spending time productively with their friends. These messages are visible in the visual concept of images. The users are happy to respond to publications and participate in discussions.

A tip for you: follow the interests of your customers, be like New Age Beverages.

2. Seedlip Drinks

Seedlip is a company that produces drinks from ecological ingredients. All the photos are taken in an unusual minimalist style that demonstrates the uniqueness of this brand. On its Facebook profile, the company creates events to announce about the certain master classes, the opening of new stores and to notify its users about other brand news. Also in the news feed, you will find a description of the plants and ingredients from which the beverages are made.

Note: the brand’s message is environmental friendliness, naturalness, and purity of nature. For this reason, images in the publications are not replete with bright and challenging colors and are made in a minimalist style. Text content doesn’t also scream “buy it!”. It is diverse and affects the sphere of social responsibility.

A tip for you: work out your visual strategy to the smallest detail. Start talking to your target audience without any text.

3. Marley Beverage Co

Marley beverage Co is a company that produces cold ecological tea and coffee. The brand is named after reggae singer Bob Marley. On the cover of the page there is a Bob Marley’s photo and the slogan of the company “Live.Love.Marley.” Pay attention to the location of the text - it is located together with the “Shop now” and “Send message” CTA buttons. It perfectly motivates the user to perform the desired action. The content on the page is “imbued with” an ideology of calm, life philosophy, music of Bob Marley as well as product images. Marley beverage Co facebook page has almost 650K active users, so apparently such strategy yields results.

Note: don’t make your customers buy your product. Create an atmosphere around it. Naturally, it is not necessary to name your trademarks after certain singers, so that the users could recognize them. Determine which energy you want to transfer to your users and use it in all your marketing communications.

A tip for you: do not focus just on yourself as well as your product, think about what memories your product can give to your customers.

4. Austin Eastciders

Austin Eastciders was launched in 2013 to motivate Americans to buy cider. As a cover for the company profile they use a bright and powerful video that attracts the attention of every user. The brand arranges holidays on a variety of occasions, i.e. it notifies about the launch of a new cider taste on its page. You can also find recipes for cocktails, which include Austin Eastciders drinks. There are also many relaxing and motivating posts.

Note: Austin Eastciders company constantly communicates with their customers both online and offline (events, parties, etc.). Think, what can you offer to your customers? Maybe it will be a tasting of your drink or a survey on the quality of the product? Or maybe you should post a publication on the page asking your users to write their suggestions for improving your product? Trust me, people love to give a piece of advice. Try it!

A tip for you: stay always in sight of your target audience, communicate with your customers rather as a friend than a seller.

5. BumbleZest Drinks

BumbleZest Drinks is a company that produces tonic drinks from natural ingredients. This brand positions itself in bright and saturated colors, which are associated with vital energy, intense rhythm and a surge of positive emotions. This message can also be seen in the content strategy. There are publications that include giveaways, product demonstrations in video and mentions of the company's products in the buyers' publications. By this moment, there are less than 3,000 users subscribed to BumbleZest Drinks facebook page, but this is a live audience which actively follows the brand. We believe that soon this number will grow.

Note: if you are a start-up businessman and you have just started to promote your brand, do not chase the quantity. Create as many opportunities for communication with your customers as possible and their number will grow.

A tip for you: show your users who they really are. Hard is that? No. If you look at the BumbleZest Drinks facebook page, you will see a lot of bright, smiling people who enjoy every moment. Can you see now how this is related to the concept? Take an action!

This list of creative facebook profiles of online beverage stores will make you understand what methods your competitors are using successfully. Wanna get some inspiration and bring your ideas to life? Wanna get such inspiration regularly? Subscribe to our newsletter.

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