12 Tips to Creating the Perfect Landing Page in Shopify

February 19, 2022


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This review is aimed to show you how to create a Shopify landing page. You will find useful info and answers to the questions below:

  • examples how to design a landing page properly;
  • tips how to create photos for eCommerce project;
  • how to make a user-friendly store.

How to make a landing page on Shopify

Landing page keeps visitors' attention strictly on the one key action. In this way, it differs from a multifunctional site. There is one more distinctive feature of the landing page: information about the company, contacts, and products of the page are placed on one page.

To make an effective Shopify landing page that will convey your key message, you need to create a number of blocks that will prepare clients for this action.

1. Study the properties of the goods

Images, text and "buy" button alone are not enough to fill the landing page. To make a landing page understandable and convenient for the client, one should have certain knowledge.

You should study your product thoroughly. What for? To show its pros. Make a clear list of its features. It will help you depict the product properly.

Add product reviews. Positive comments about your product allow the potential buyer to make sure of the correctness of their choice. This is a responsible step, so the client needs to know that with his order will be successfully fulfilled. The presence of the feedback on the page helps client to form a trusting attitude to the brand and make the final choice of the goods.

Put the right accents on your landing:

  • goods photos or unique trade proposal;
  • the benefit that you offer;
  • the call to action button that the visitor must make:  to buy, leave the data or move to the next step.

2. Evoke your client’s emotions

Your task is to show the product so that it causes the buyer a sense to purchase it. To achieve this goal you should think like a buyer.

We offer you to get familiarized with the chain of actions: the buyer sees the product in your online store → it evokes his/her pleasant associations → the subconscious "remembers" the positive experience → the guest sees it again → the subconscious symbolizes that earlier this product evoked pleasant feelings. After the last step, there is a high probability that the buyer will place an order.

It proves the fact that the details are of great importance to create the perfect landing page in Shopify. We all are the visuals and actively react to what we see.

3. Show the benefits

The consumer wants to get benefit from the purchase. Make it clear to the client that he is buying not just goods, but benefits. Determine the benefits which your product provides such as high social status, time savings, comfort or increased income. Then, form a profitable offer that will interest the client and motivate him/her to buy your goods.

4. Demonstrate the product in action

A photo is the first thing a buyer sees on your custom Shopify landing pages. And the first thing that causes either a positive or negative assessment.

Place only high-quality images. They can be found on commercial and free stock photos sites or you should better take the photo of the goods by yourself. Do not neglect it.

Before placing the product on the Shopify landing page templates, answer the question - how the customer can use it. Show the goods in action. It is very important. Do not make the client guess what he/she can do with your product. Experiment. Maybe you will succeed in increasing the list of the product’s properties.


5. Show the goods all around

The advantage of online sales is that the purchase can be done quickly. But, there is also a drawback - there is no possibility to consider the goods thoroughly. Provide your visitors with such an opportunity. Place photos in which they can have a good look at the products.

6. Create your style

According to the official data of statista.com for 2017, the level of Internet sales has increased by 10.1%. And this trend is going to increase up till 2021.

It evidences that the number of competitors is growing every day. To stand out, you need to create your own style. Conduct a survey of competitors' trading platforms. Highlight their merits and flows, and incorporate these results into your landing page for Shopify. However, do not imitate them. To create a corporate identity means to define a set of visual elements that cause associations with the brand. It includes colors, logo, and fonts.

7. Follow the trends


Use video descriptions for your product line. This kind of content increases the credibility of the product. Video helps show the depth of your ideology as well as sell the goods’ story.


We are convinced that the quality of the goods’ image is the key to successful sales. To make a high-quality photo, you need to use the services of a professional photographer. However, this is an ideal option. Using a regular smartphone, you can take vivid photos for the landing page. Set the light steady background, determine the most favorable angle and light. Set up your phone and get started.

Tips for taking a photo:

  • keep the goods in the frame;
  • do not cut it in boards;
  • use daylight;
  • adjust bright diffused light;
  • turn off the camera's flash;
  • use a plain background.

Make sure that the subject you are photographing is in focus. If you are an amateur and not sure about your photos, we recommend using the Pixc service. With its help, you can get a high-quality image just for $1.59.

how to make a perfect photo for your Shopify store

8. Place photos in each page block

Thus, you increase the chance of an emotional connection with the client. Make sure that your product is always to the fore. Think about how the products in your catalog can complement each other. For example, the Top-sales of your products includes the X-brand notebook. Offer your customers to buy a transportation bag to protect the device from damage. In such a way you increase the value of the product and will be able to boost your sales.

9. Use the deficit indicators

To encourage the buyer to act it is useful to show a limited amount of goods

Reasons to use the indicators while creating Shopify landing pages:

  • to keep the client's attention on the page;
  • to motivate to purchase;
  • to cause the desire to make another purchase again.

How to use them on Shopify landing pages

Make an advert that the product is in limited quantities. Why should not the customers compete for a unique product that is almost gone?

10. Complete the text with the reviews

Social networks are an area in which you can find information about goods in photos, videos, animations, etc. The logical explanation is the following – the users like to brag about their purchases. So provide this opportunity to your customers.

use social networks for promotion you online store


Youtube is a social network in which the users share video content. According to the statistics from Socialblade the video, where people unpack the goods, takes the eighth place out of twenty. It evidences about the popularity and viral nature of the content. This practice brings results to three participants in the sale process: the producers get the advertising, the buyers get the demonstration of the goods, the online store gets increase of trust and positive experience of using the product.


Instagram is the most popular platform for posting photos. You can make this social network work for your benefit. Motivate the buyer to share a picture of the product after making a purchase. Ask the client to add your hashtag to the publication. It contributes to a positive opinion of your brand. When your potential buyer sees photos of real people who use your product, he/she will be able to visualize himself in their place.

11. Adapt the page for mobile devices

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, between 2017 and 2023, the amount of the consumed mobile traffic will increase by 8 times. If your page is not adapted for mobile devices - this is a bad page. Think about the client. It should be convenient for him/her to see your lending on any device and any minute.

12. Make the call-to-action buttons well visible

To make creative design of a landing page is halfway to success. Place the button with the key action so that the visitor could use it any time. This is a matter of convenience. Remind the client what step he/she should take on your page. Here are some that sell due to their design.

Examples of how to create a landing page on Shopify

Top 5 online stores


  • clear description + use of video;
  • desirable graphics that cause positive emotions;
  • convenient representation of both the product and micro-landing page.



  • the main page is saturated with conversion blocks;
  • comfortable navigation through the interface;
  • convenient arrangement of buttons.


  • large and high-quality photo products;
  • visualization of goods in action.

Nice Laundry

  • high-quality photos that inspire buyer’s confidence;
  • the design is easily perceived;
  • the team of designers has fulfilled the golden rule of eCommerce – it has brought the product as well as its benefits to the forefront.

Michael Nelson

We would like to introduce this bright and easy-to-use store to our friends. The designers of the Michael Nelson brand have set a goal to emphasize the uniqueness of the products. This is a perfect Shopify landing page example of how the designers enhance brand ideology.

We hope this review has been clear and useful to you. We would be happy if you implement our advice in your projects. If you don’t know how to create a landing page in Shopify, MakeBeCool Team is ready to help you.

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Elena, part of MakeBeCool since 2021, brings 4 years of e-commerce and IT project management expertise. A performance-driven professional, she managed multiple site developments for international projects. Outside the tech world, Elena sharpens her skills through reading and courses, enjoying travel, loud music in the car, and cherished moments with family and friends.

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