What Types of Discounts are there in MBC Bundles App for Shopify?


Just like we have several types of bundles in the game, there are a number of types of discounts. You can choose one of the available discount types:

  • Sale Price
  • Fixed Discount
  • Discount on Shopify side
  • Percentage
  • Volume discount
  • Free Shipping
  • BOGO

Sale price

Dead simple. Set up the fixed price you want the bundle to be sold for. For example, 99$, 199$ or any other charm price tag that will convince your customers to buy a bundle.

In this case, the buyer does not see the prices of the products in the bundle. And does not see a discount on each individual product. He is shown only the price at which the bundle is sold. The clearest example of such a price is mystery boxes and gift sets.

Can this even be considered a type of discount?

Fixed discount

Set up the fixed discount value that will be deducted from the total cost of all bundled products. Such a discount is convenient when the value of the discount in the amount of money is communicated in the promo. For example, an offer to buy a bundle of products with a $10 discount. Or $50, whatever.

Discount on products on the Shopify side

In this case no bundle discount at all. The bundle widget will display the prices of products with the Shopify discount if it was specified via Shopify product fields. You also will be able to apply additional Shopify's or other discounts to the bundled products at the cart or checkout. This becomes possible by using a different order creation method. Instead of the draft order, bundles will use the default Shopify checkout so you also could use other 3-rd party apps with your bundles.

Discount percentage

Well known method. You can specify a discount from 0% to 100%. This amount will be deducted from the total cost of all bundled products. It is here that the long-awaited 50% off for Black Friday, and 70% off for the end of season sale will be. 

Volume discount

Set a different discount value depending on the product's quantity. Also known as quantity break. With this approach, the discount for a bundle of products is higher, the more products in the bundle. For example, when buying a bundle of two products get 5% off. When adding a third item to the bundle, the discount grows to 10%. The fourth product in the bundle makes the discount equal to 15%. And so on. 

And it would seem the end, but there are features that will allow you to create additional offers.

Free Shipping

Just free shipping, without reducing the bundled products price. No discount is offered on the product bundle. However, for some categories of products, shipping can be quite expensive. And free shipping is an attractive offer. Even more than a 5% or 10% discount

Free product and “Buy one get one free”

Choose the product that will be offered as free in a bundle. This type has a special case - this type of discount is 'BOGO' with only one difference from “free product”: it is available only for the 'BOGO' bundle type, where the bundle can contain only 2 products at the same time (one of them for the regular price, second - as free).


Do not forget that a variety of bundles and discounts exist for the reason that there is no one-for-all solution for any store or any category of goods. Need to test and try.

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