Our clients' Top 3 bundling strategies for how to market supplements online

Use cases

We talked to Joel Lindqvist, one of the founders of “Aware Nutrition” based In Sweden. We asked him to tell us about their store and how bundles are working for their needs.


Brand Story

The story started in 2019 by Joel and his friend. The brand was quickly introduced to the Swedish market. From the very beginning, the friends focused on making Swedish products of the highest quality possible. “Aware Nutrition” products are manufactured in Sweden under strict GMP certification, which ensures additional safety and quality.

“We were disappointed with how the market for supplements in Sweden was. We wanted to do something new with better quality and better content support. That’s why this cool journey has started. “

But the goals of the founders were set even higher than that. A brand that can create a community around exercise and wellness where everyone feels involved and appreciated. 

What was the purpose of using bundles?

Since Shopify was picked as a platform, the team has been looking for bundle apps that could fit their business needs.

“We didn't find the application that we liked. So we had some other apps that didn't work that well, but it was better than nothing. The other apps don't have their own product page for the bundle ”

Since the MBC Bundles app was found, the thing that was special about it - it had its own product page for the bundles. This had been impossible in applications that the team used before. Now bundles could be added to the collections, so it's much easier for our customers to find them. Also, it is important and convenient that bundles can be purchased as one item with the MBC Bundles, and they have their separate product page.

“Right now we have our own page with bundles and there we have different bundles for clothing and mixed bundles”
Nutrition supplements bundles examples

What is the bundling strategy?

Basically, three main approaches are used.

First, it's a bundle of two bestsellers sold together. As a rule, one of them is offered as a gift. This makes these bundles even bigger bestsellers.

Second, the bundles gather different nutritional supplements that could go well together. So these bundles also become profitable and in demand almost like bestsellers.

Third, bundles are well combined with a new product, as well as bestsellers. In this case, the bestseller helps give the initial push to sales of the new product. And such bundles also have the potential to become bestsellers.

“I would recommend MBC Bundles of course because I have tried a lot of bundle applications. Until then, I have found yours, so I really like it and I would definitely give it to other people 🤘”

Time to increase sales & install MBC Bundles

MBC allows you to create beautiful, converting bundles that help you boost sales on autopilot — you just need to set up the app once, and see a crazy AOV increase. Create an offer for a few products that are cheaper than buying each of them separately would be

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