Home fragrance brands made a shortcut to growth with the MBC Bundles app!

Use cases

We reached out with Bucky Rogers, a Direct to Consumer Project Manager at Grace Management Group, who shared his experience of using the MBC Bundles App and the company's inspiring story.

Grace Management Group: A 40+ years history of the family-owned company. From a greenhouse business to a fragrance company, with a fully in-house production cycle, dedicated charity give-backs, and five big brands

Bridgewater Candles - bridgewatercandles.com

Greanleaf Gifts - greenleafgifts.com 

Fresh Scents - freshscents.com

Votivo - votivo.com

Notes Candle - ​​notescandle.com

Short Brand Story

Greenleaf entered the home fragrance market over 40 years ago. So that led to the development of a fragrance house. Today the company has a whole lab of the perfumers who are developing and mixing fragrances. Fragrances, oils, everything that goes into candles - all of that are produced in their own facility. Fully in-house production started with sachet products and then slowly increased to the other home fragrance products like oil reed, diffusers, candles, auto vent clips and all kinds of different things.

"The company has always been very much into producing a profit, but producing a profit that helps people. For example, two of our four brands have dedicated give-backs. Greenleaf Gifts has a give-back to the three different agencies, that are fighting against human trafficking. Bridgewater Candles has a give-back to an agency that is feeding kids overseas.”
Greenleaf Bundles

How does the MBC Bundles App help?

“We made revenue of about $50,000 through the MBC Bundles App within the first two months. And we honestly have not even fully exhausted what bundling app can do yet. We just have not had time to fully flesh out our whole bundling strategy.”

It has been successful from an average order value standpoint, and successful from the sales standpoint with just a few initial bundles. 

“Since installing the app, we have seen an increased average order value for all brands, which as you know, is a key metric, particularly in the shipping environment: the ability to get average order value up – always saves money in the long run because of shipping. “

Probably, the biggest impact from the app took a special handling department. They used to be in charge of pre-making fixed bundles placed on site when they have not been using a bundling app yet. That increased labor costs, the amount of order processing time, and even the amount of space needed for storage. Everything is extremely simplified using the app. And now all they have to do is just have single items on the line, and pull from those to complete an order.

“Every major metric that an e-commerce manager uses to determine success has gotten better because of the use of this app. It’s just magic!”
Votivo Bundles

If there are any challenges while working with the app?

Honestly, there have not been any challenges yet. And you know, I'm sure at some point there will be, but it has all been very smooth so far. “

MBC Bundles app is very easy to set up the bundles, it integrates with Shopify very well. The MBC team committed to making their app better, and to make sure that customers are equipped to do what they need to do with the app.

“To find an app to use or an app developer having a fast-responsive support team – is very rare. I can tell that based on my experience of all of the apps we have used. Sometimes it takes days, sometimes weeks to hear back, to get a solution for something. And so I mean, that just that fact for me has made being with your bundling app worth it.”

Time to increase sales & install MBC Bundles

MBC allows you to create beautiful, converting bundles that help you boost sales on autopilot — you just need to set up the app once, and see a crazy AOV increase. Create an offer for a few products that are cheaper than buying each of them separately would be

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