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January 15, 2023


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Hello! This is our regular selection of creative Shopify stores. This time we will tell about online food stores, which are worth being equal to.
If you sell food online, you should know:
✓ how to start selling food online
✓ what your competitors are already doing
✓ Landing criteria

What are the creative Shopify stores for this week?

1. Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Markets is a chain of grocery stores in Sydney and New South Wales. The main page of the online store consists of banners, which describe the main principles of the company. The site has a section with a large number of recipes, which are divided into categories, including a section for vegetarians. In addition to the usual division of goods into categories, this store has a unique offer - the customer can choose from the list of the dishes one, he wants to prepare and the company will deliver a set of products with a detailed cooking guide.

2. Miso Tasty

Miso Tasty is a company that offers a wide selection of miso soups, food sets, and miso paste. On the main page is a slider, with the main news and news in the store. Below you will find a block with video lessons on how to cook popular Japanese dishes. As well as a blog with company news and noodle cooking secrets. On the collection page, there is a complete list of store goods. There is no product page, but when you click on a product that interests you, a pop-up window appears in which there is a detailed description of what the product is made of and the add to cart button.

3. Tropical Sun

Tropical Sun is a company that produces many categories of products, including drinks, sweets, soups, etc. On the main page, you are greeted with a banner with the latest news of the company. Below is a block with new items in the store. Next, you will see recipes for unusual dishes and a blog in which you can find out about all the company's news. On the product page, you will find a small description of the product, where you can find out what rewards this product has. Also, there is an estimated delivery time and information that the product is vegetarian and does not contain gluten.

4. Island Creek Oysters

Island Creek Oysters is a company that grows and sells oysters, sauces, and caviar. On the main page, you will see a slider that shows not only the goods of the store but also the farm itself, on which the owners breed oysters. Below you will find the partitioning of goods into collections and recommended products. Then there are blocks that many online stores miss: free shipping terms and reviews from enthusiastic customers. On the product page, there is a detailed description of the product, which includes the location and owner of the farm, a description of the technology by which oysters are bred, and even a description of the taste.

5. Guelaguetza

Guelaguetza is a gourmet restaurant and boutique located in Los Angeles. On the main page is a slider, which in beautiful compositions shows the main product of the store. The owners of the boutique do not hide the secret of making their product from their customers: on the main page, you can find the recipe Mole Paste. Below you will see a block in which the owners of the restaurant share recipes of interesting dishes. On the product page, you will find a description of the product, which describes what the product is combined with, a link to its recipe, a detailed composition, where ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction are highlighted in bold.

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