March 22, 2019

coolsite #7 - creative sites of the week




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Hello, dear guest! We have prepared for your daily dose of inspiration to succeed at work. So, here is the list of beautiful Shopify online-stores you should be aware of.

1. SIR the label
2. Argent
3. Ullac
4. Norwegian Rain
5. BlackMilk

1. SIR the label

SIR is a cool clothing store

SIR is a modern women's clothing brand, which has a simplified and feminine style. The online-store design has a minimalistic and delicate character. The first thing you see on the main page is a banner, which with the help of the video shows unique clothes.

2. Argent

Argent is a cool clothing store

Argent is a clothing brand that creates stylish and comfortable women's costumes. On the main page, there is a banner that demonstrates the features and advantages of this brand. On the product page, you can find not just a recommended product, but products that fit together perfectly.

3. Ullac

Ullac is a cool clothing store

Ullac is a modern clothing brand. The creators were inspired by horror movies, video games, people and places. The main page is unusual and stylish. On the product page, you will find a detailed description of the product, with all the nuances of operation. Each product has its own size table, which is located right on its page.

4. Norwegian Rain

Norwegian Rain is a cool top clothing store

Norwegian Rain is a top waterproof clothing brand. The creators make raincoats that protect users from wind and rain that are made from recycled breathable fabric. The main page describes the features of the brand, and also illustrates the structure of the fabric by layers. On the product page you will see a unique table of sizes that will help you to accurately select the desired size.

5. BlackMilk

BlackMilk is a cool unusual clothing store

Blackmilkclothing is a brand of bright and unusual women's clothing. The online-store design is as positive and full of bright colors as products. On the product page, there is a size recommendation function, where you can enter your measurements so then the calculator will choose the size that best suits you.

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