LoyaltyLion for Ecommerce Business

Data-driven loyalty programs that are proven to increase customer lifetime value

LoyaltyLion system

A new approach to Shopify loyalty programs. Created by partners to improve your eCommerce business.

Better marketing indicators

Want to increase customer engagement, boost average order value, LTV, improve customer spend, and get better conversion rates? It’s time to try something new for your business. Shopify loyalty program is what you need for impressive marketing indicators. And LoyaltyLion is the best choice.

Assistance for merchants. 
Anytime. Anywhere

Shopify customer loyalty program must take care of the merchants. From the onboarding up to the release phase, we take everything on us. MakeBeCool becomes your partner in this journey to effective communication with clients.

Loyalty program for YOUR business

Not sure you can handle the selection of Shopify Plus loyalty programs on your own? No worries. We know what you need. MakeBeCool helps to connect merchants and experts to choose the right loyalty program that will deliver better results.

UX is no longer a problem

Forget about that poor experience with the loyalty program for Shopify. MakeBeCool brings a new experience to every customer and client with our LoyaltyLion Shopify program. You understand what to do from the very first moment you use it. Say thanks to our UX/UI team!

Totally customizable. For any needs

Have some ideas? Shopify LoyaltyLion, in partnership with MakeBeCool, created a fully customizable program. Want to add some features? You’re welcome. Want to create a special program for your special business? We’re here to help you.

Share reviews to attract new clients

If your clients are willing to say something about your business, give them a chance to do that! With review integrations, loyalty programs get new features while your customers start to generate content for your products.

Allow referring friends. Build your community

Building a community of dedicated customers is the first step to creating a business that will last forever. By introducing a referral program, you start to grow a community around your product. Customize the referral program as you wish. We have all the tools for that.

Shopify & LoyaltyLion

A partnership created to enhance your growth

LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform trusted by thousand of ecommerce brands worldwide.

Merchants use LoyaltyLion when they want a fully customized loyalty program that is proven to increase customer engagement, retention and spend.

We believe: great results can be achieved by dedicated work and a strong desire to improve customers’ lives. Together with LoyaltyLion, we created a product that helps save merchants’ time (and we know how valuable every minute is for you!).

No more need to think about how to implement a loyalty program in your store. Build strategies. Scale your business. Conquer new markets. We will do all the rest - all technical issues are now on us.

Integrate and try on your own LoyaltyLion is a Shopify platform that changes your communication with customers. Now you can build long-lasting relations. Now you develop a community around your product. Now you change the world: just like we did.

LoyaltyLion is the choice of the merchants who decided to raise customer LTV. Are you one of them? We’re sure you are. Don’t hesitate to change your business for the better. The time has already come.

Want to know the benefits?

We have nothing to hide

Improved communication
Make use of the emails to notify customers about their achievements. They will be happy to get notifications from you. And they will be happy to share pleasant moments. Their happiness will become the point you start to build your relations.
Customer-oriented assistance
We know that the processes may seem to be complicated. Your satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, we always put your comfort in the top place. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help. We’re always here for you! Your satisfaction is our priority.
LoyaltyLion is always by your side
Want to ask something? We’ll organize the meeting with LoyaltyLion experts. Just let us know! LoyaltyLion, as well as MakeBeCool, will become part of your team. We will appear any time you need it.
Need design or customization?
We’re here. We can help you with any idea you may have. And we’ll succeed with the realization! If you want to customize some of the features, let us know. And even if you have no idea how to customize Loyaltylion, we can help you with that.
Setting up your loyalty program has never been easier
With MakeBeCool, setting up a Shopify loyalty program will never be a problem. Together, we will come to a mutual conclusion about what works better for your business. Next, we will offer you the best ways to set up a loyalty program for your company.

Step by step, we reach the goals

Exceeding your expectations in 5 steps. Sometimes, you can achieve the results faster than you’ve expected

Discovery step

We want to know about your industry as much as possible. It helps us catch the idea of the loyalty program that will attract your customers.

Onboarding step

It takes two weeks to decide on the details of your new loyalty program. Don’t ignore this step. Your expertise can make the project.

Designing step

Shopify loyalty programs should have attractive offers, as well as beautiful designs. Our UX/UI designers will help to create the best visuals for you.

Development step

Need some features for your loyalty program? We’re here to help you with development and integration. Any idea of yours can be realized by us!

Maintenance step

No matter what happens, your loyalty program is always under control. And if you want to update it, we are ready to do that for you.

“We believe: partnership defines the success of our project. MakeBeCool is one of the companies to whom we entrusted LoyaltyLion, the project that already has a huge number of users, and all of them have certain expectations from the services they get. We are happy to tell that our partnership with LoyaltyLion resulted in non-stopping growth of our own company, as well as the companies of our customers.”

Build a community. Integrate Shopify loyalty program into your business. It’s time to grow faster!

Increase customer engagement, average order value, LTV, customer spend and get better conversion rates. It’s possible when you use Loyaltylion.

Let’s customize LoyaltyLion!

Do you need customization of LoyaltyLion for your business? MakeBeCool is always here to help you! We can create any customization for your business regarding the loyalty system. From the idea to realization, we are ready to help. Don’t hesitate to drop us a message if you want us to help you!

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Want to know more about Shopify customer loyalty program? Check out our FAQ! Any questions left? Our team is always ready to answer them!

What is the Loyaltylion system?

LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform for creating loyalty programs. Every time a customer makes a purchase or performs some desired action, the merchant can offer them a reward. As a result, a business gets a loyal customer, becoming a member of the product or company community.

How MakeBeCool helps with Loyaltylion?

Shopify Loyalty Lion is a popular platform amongst many merchants. However, many customers still have some problems with program customization and settings. We take every technical aspect on us: if you need help with Loyaltylion, just let us know!

Can I migrate from another loyalty program?

We’re sure: in your business, you always struggle for more. We support this. And we believe that it’s time for you to migrate from the loyalty program that brings nothing to your company. We know how to do that easily. You won’t notice the migration. But you will notice the results!